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*The video above is only a preview of the e-Learning online Modules.


Think Like an Editor - a crash course in social media storytelling


Today’s communications professionals have the ability to reach a global audience with a single Tweet. But so too to do your biggest rivals and critics. It very much is a published or be damned world we live in. In the always-on world of social media communication core editorial skills help brands build successful engagement with their target audiences and community giving them information that is useful, informative and entertaining.

This introductory editorial training workshop - split into four online modules - will teach communicators the basics of thinking like a social media editor including:


  Identifying what makes a good story.

  Understanding how to make content shareable, discoverable and SEO-friendly.

  How to unlock the newsworthy content stored within your organisation.

  Why you and your social media team need an editorial schedule.

  How to identify the digital media story-telling tools that are right for your story.

  What mix of professional and in-house content is right for your brand and company.

  How to identify and become one of the online influencers in your area of expertise leading the daily discussion agenda.


Structure of the eLearning

This workshop is comprised of the following modules.


  Overview: why all companies are now media companies.

  Know your audience: the importance of social media listening and the tools and techniques needed to understand community
          conversations and who is leading the discussion agenda.

  Know your story: identifying the editorial and narrative themes that companies can use to effectively communicate and who in the
          organisation should be telling them.

  How to tell your story: Demonstrating through actual examples the various editorial styles and storytelling techniques, including
          creating editorial maps, that will help your organisation create and manage your social media content.


What You Get Out Of It

This workshop is specially geared for PR, marketing and internal comms professionals with responsibility to run online and social media sites. From this online session you will gain a solid grounding in how to shape your communication strategy for an online audience that expects ongoing and engaging editorial content.

About the Trainer

The Think Like an Editor eLearning module is taught by veteran journalist and Social Media Influence co-founder Matthew Yeomans. Matthew has written for Time, The New York Times and Wired to name just a few publications. He has taken this experience to the corporate world, training companies in effective communications using the latest social media publishing and digital broadcast tools. Matthew has also taught journalism to post-graduates and undergraduates at New York University and Cardiff University School of Journalism.



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